Things been a tad bid slow.

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Things been a tad bid slow.

Post  Ryo on Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:18 pm

Well I know the comics and artwork been a little on the slow side, but with recent events that have occurred that is why. Also I've been trying my hand at some commentary(Failing quite much at it) and that requires me to use my buddy's PC that is currently chilling at my home, and since his is a beastly PC, and mine would die at the though of max settings and Fraps, and thinking it had enough space for Fraps insane video sizes. But fear not fans.....if we have much, things will be back to getting comics out there soon enough. If you care enough to I could update on twitter when new comics or videos have been posted, follow me at @xRyoSoulx and to those fans of ours, thanks for your support and understanding.
P.S Pip's is quite the lame cracka...that is all.

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